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I'm using Linux since 1996. Started with Redhat 4.0 I found in a computer magazine. Now I use Arch.
If you have bandwith to spare, install Tor and help people to circumvent censorship and keep the internet free for everyone.
Tor-users, can take a look at my Hidden Service

Please seed the torrents from linux distributions.

Debian on Inspiron 9400

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Linux Questions

Linux Arch

Linux Online

However, life is more than Linux alone....
Perhaps you can have a look at my favorite singers/songwriters Katie Melua, Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones. Or you can participate at the biggest ever anti-poverty movement "Make Poverty History".
And while we are at it, why not consider a vegetarian lifestyle....

Katie Melua

Tracy Chapman

Norah Jones

Make poverty history

The vegetarian society

last modified: 28 sept 2020

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