Linux On Laptops

I'm using Linux since 1996. Started with Redhat 4.0 I found in a computer magazine. After a few years I switched to Debian. I'm using the latest testing release.
If you have bandwith to spare, install Tor and help people to circumvent censorship and keep the internet free for everyone.

If you use torrent software, please seed the linux distributions.

Debian on Inspiron 9400

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Linux Online

However, life is more than Linux alone....
Perhaps you can have a look at my favorite singers/songwriters Katie Melua, Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones. Or you can participate at the biggest ever anti-poverty movement "Make Poverty History".
And while we are at it, why not consider a vegetarian lifestyle....

Katie Melua

Tracy Chapman

Norah Jones

Make poverty history

The vegetarian society

last modified: 28 nov 2013